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60ml   (2 oz )





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Black Walnut Tincture

SKU: NLH00076
  • Black Walnut has exceptional anti parasitic properties and is traditionally used to treat symptoms of intestinal parasites, fungal skin conditions like athlete’s foot, and systemic yeast infections.  The eastern black walnut is a deciduous tree in the walnut family, Juglandaceae. It is widespread in the Eastern United States and Canada. It is a good idea to keep a generous supply of this useful herb on hand, in the event it is difficult to find trees when needed. Many of the trees are being cut for their wood and to clear and, making them harder to find. 


    Black walnut hulls are historically used as hair dyes since they can be a quite deep colour.  Black walnut is traditionally used to help treat parasite and worm infections.   It is also excellent at helping to relieve symptoms of fungal infections.  A small amount of tincture goes a long way!


    The anti-inflammatory activity of useful for upset stomach, inflamed colon or gut, and normalizing the digestive process. It is also useful for constipation, diarrhea, and as a laxative.   Black walnuts contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy compounds making them an amazing aid to the body.


    Our tincture contains an extraction from the black walnut leaves obtained locally in Uxbridge, Ontario.  It’s a great tincture to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet!


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