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Healthy Deodorant Recipe

Often times we look for ways to prevent sweating and more importantly bad body odour! The truth is, our body NEEDS to sweat in order to properly eliminate toxins and promote a healthy lymphatic system. There are many natural deodorants on the market that I have tried but none of them helped to prevent the bad odour without multiple applications throughout the day. This recipe does the trick and I can sweat without the stink!


1 tsp arnica tincture

1 tsp calendula tincture

250 ml zinc oxide cream


  1. Mix about 1 TBSP of the zinc oxide cream with the tinctures.

  2. Wash underarms thoroughly and dry.

  3. Apply a thin layer of ointment mixture to underarms and leave overnight.

  4. Wash off in the morning.

The application of this ointment will remove bacteria for about 1-2 weeks however you will still sweat (which is a good thing!)

Repeat as needed.

What natural deodorants have you tried?

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