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Available in 2 sizes:


2 oz (60 ml)

4 oz (120 ml)


Organic Vanilla Beans and Fruit Rum




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Vanilla Extract

SKU: NLH00063
  • Our vanilla extract uses the highest quality madagascar vanilla beans and a french fruit brandy.  The brandy yields to fruity notes of apricot, peach, gooseberry and wild strawberry. Floral aromas blend subtly with tones of wood blended with the vanilla beans.  Our extract sits for a minimum of 3 months to have the strongest and the most concentrated extraction.  


    Our vanilla extract can be used for a variety of preparations including baking, room sprays, hot beverages for flavour, use as a fragrance, in breakfast items and so much more!


    Ingredients:  Madagascar Vanilla Beans and French Brandy


    Storage:  Cool and dry place for up to 5 years. 

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