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2 oz (60 ml)



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Pine Needle Tincture

SKU: NLH0004
  • Eastern White Pine Needle

    Pinus Strobus


    Locally sourced deep in the woods. Ancient tree medicine that traditionally known as is high in vitamin C.


    Can be used in water or as a tea.


    Dosage: Adults: 2-3 dropperfuls in a little water 2x daily Children: 2-6 years: 1/2 dropper in a little water 1x daily.


    Storage: 12 months in a cool dark place.


    Ingredients: Wildcrafted eastern white pine needles and Vodka.


    Eastern White PINE Needle research articles:


    History of Suramin


    NOTE: Not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding. Use at own risk. This product contains alcohol and Natural Life Holistics is not responsible for any side effects during or after use.


    Made in Stouffville, Ontario

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