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1 oz (30ml)  and  4 oz (120ml




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Magnesium Spray

SKU: NLH00083
  • Magnesium Chloride is a chemical compound (MgCl2 ). Our flakes have been produced from seawater, after the Sodium Chloride has been removed, and the water has evaporated.


    Did you know that magensium that is sprayed on the skin is better absorbed into the body as opposed to when ingested?  The skin is our largest organ and therefore absorbs much quicker! 


    Helps with sleep, stress relief, healthy skin promotes healthy body balance.  Soothes cramps, tension and pain.


    Directions:  Spray topically ONLY, not for internal use. 3 sprays on the bottoms of feet, or inside of the arms or any part of the body that needs attention.


    Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, water.


    Made in Stouffville, Ontario

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