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2 oz  (60 ml)



*The statements on this page are not meant to treat or diagnose disease and have not  been evaluated by Health Canada.  Information on this page is for educational purposes only.

Dandelion Leaf Tincture

SKU: NLH00034
  • Taraxacum officinale


    Principally as a weed, dandelion has an astonishing range of benefits. In Western folk medicine, the leaves, which can be eaten in salads, have long been used as a diuretic. They were recommended in the works of Arab physicians in the 11th century, and in an herbal written by the physicians of Myddafai in Wales in the 13th century. It grows wild in most parts of the world and is probably right in your backyard! It is propagated from seed in spring. The young leaves are picked in spring for tonic salads. 


    Other Studies of Dandelion:

    Liver Protection -

    Antioxidant properties -



    Adults: 2-3 dropperfuls in a little water 2x daily

    Children: 2-6 years: 1/2 dropper in a little water 1x daily.



    12 months in a cool dark place.


    60 ml (2 oz)


    NOTE: Use at own risk. This product contains alcohol and Natural Life Holistics is not responsible for any side effects during or after use.


    Made in Stouffville, Ontario

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