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4 oz (120 ml) 



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Fire Cider

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  • Fire cider is a spicy tonic used to support your immune system. Great for improving blood circulation and digestion, among other benefits. Similar tonics have been used in traditional medicine in the past.


    Uses: Use as salad dressing, take 1 tsp in a little water or just 1 tsp straight for daily immune boost!



    Organic:  Garlic, onion, peppercorn, turmeric, ginger, orange, grapefruit lemon, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, local unpasteurized honey.



    12 months in a cool dark place.


    NOTE: Use at own risk. Natural Life Holistics is not responsible for any side effects during or after use.


    4 oz (120 mL)


    Made in Stouffville, Ontario

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